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Description Composite PET protective film tape is based on composite PET film, coated with Acrylic and then laminated with a layer of Release liner on the adhesive surface

Backing: Composite PET
Adhesive: Acrylic or silicone
Release liner: Release film or Release paper

Adhesion: 1-500 g/25mm
Total thickness(without release liner): 0.035 mm ~ 0.3 mm

Features ■ Composite PET film: PET+PET, PET+PE

■ The thickness achieved by the original material itself can be customized in the form of a composite film

■ Compared with one-piece PET, it is too stiff. CompositePET can improve softness and bending

■ More changes in thickness design

■ Can gather the advantages of different materials

■ Release liner: Release film or Release paper

Applications ■ The cost is extremely economical, and it is the first choice for round knife die cutting, ordinary die cutting punching mat materials and waste discharge materials

■ The surface material of ABS PMMA PC and metal material, which is widely used in the manufacturing process and the terminal, is protected by the Adhesion, which is stable and easy to peel off. Residue.

Name Attributes

Color: Blue

Width(mm): 980

Backing thickness(mm): 0.05/0.09

Backing material: BlueComposite

Adhesive: Acrylic

 thickness(mm): 0.18±0.01

Adhesion(g/25mm): 15-25g

Remark: Yellow release paper


Color: Transparent

Width(mm): 980

Backing thickness(mm): 0.025/0.05

Backing material: Composite

Adhesive: Acrylic

 thickness(mm): 0.1±0.01

Adhesion(g/25mm): 10-20g

Remark: 50umRelease film


Color: Transparent

Width(mm): 980

Backing thickness(mm): 0.09/0.09

Backing material: Composite

Adhesive: Acrylic

 thickness(mm): 0.22±0.02

Adhesion(g/25mm): 11-21g

Remark: 50umRelease film

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