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PE Foam tape


PE Foam tape is backing with PE foam, Acrylic is coated on the double side, and Release paper is attached to one side.


Adhesive: Acrylic
Backing : PE Foam (BlackorWhite)
Adhesive: Acrylic
Release liner: Release paper

Adhesion: > 0 g/25mm
Total Thickness (withoutRelease liner): 0.0 mm ~ 0.0 mm


■ The thickness of the foam backing is very thin on uneven surfaces, and it can be waterproof after reaching the final adhesion.
■ Good adhesion to metal, acrylic and other plastic materials.
■ Good sealing performance against humidity and dust.

Applications ■ Install and fix parts on uneven and rough surfaces, filling gaps in gaps.
■ Buffer and shock absorption of parts.
■ Waterproof and dustproof gaskets and gaskets.