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The backing of Matte black PI film tape is based on printing PI film, and the adhesive layer is Acrylic. Provides good UV and light masking



Backing :  Black or matte Black PI film
Adhesive: Acrylic
Release liner: Release paper or release film

Adhesion: > 400 g/25mm
Total Thickness (withoutRelease liner): 0.03 mm ~ 0.11mm (Custom)


■ The printing layer has good anti-fingerprint performance
■ BlackApplications Yuguang Maskingor prevents light leakage
■ The appearance of the printed film can be CCustomized design
■ The printing surface can be solvent cleaned (specific solvents, such as 95% Ethanol, 95% toluene)
■ Printed surface insulation (10^2Ω)
■ Good UVMasking
■ Excellent electronic insulation effect in high temperature environment

Applications ■ High adhesion film electronic insulation tape is needed in a narrow space

■ The requirement of UVMasking is required in high temperature environment

■ Applications label on the outer layer of the battery