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Mesh surface

Description The PET Double-sided tape uses PET film as the backing, one side is coated with Acrylic, and the other side is coated with textured adhesive.

It is very suitable for large-area pasting.


Adhesive: Acrylic
Backing : PET film
Release liner: Release paper or Release film

Adhesion: > 800 g/25mm
Total Thickness (withoutRelease liner): 0.055 mm ~ 0.15 mm (Custom)

Feature ■ Textured surface, with excellent exhaust effect, can make the bonding more smooth
■ Both front and back adhesive layers have good adhesion and retention
■ The textured adhesive surface is very suitable for bonding and laminating in a large area
■ BlackPET film Backing is Applications on Masking
Applications ■ Large area bonding and bonding

■ It is widely used in touch panels, nameplates, etc., which have special

 requirements on the flatness of the bonding process

■ Electronic Insulation applications