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Anti-static ESD

Description Adhesive surface Anti-static ESD; Double resistance refers to the adhesive surface and the reverse side Anti-static ESD; Three resistance refers to the adhesive surface, the reverse side, and Release film are all Anti-static ESD

Backing : Anti-static ESD film
Adhesive: Acrylic or Silicone or Anti-static ESD adhesive
Release liner: Release film or Anti-static ESDRelease film;PET film

Adhesion: 1-500 g/25mm
Total thickness(withoutRelease liner): 0.025 mm ~ 0.3 mm

Feature ■ Anti-static ESD with adhesive surface, the principle is to add antistatic agent to Adhesive and apply adhesive to make it have Anti-static ESD effect

■ Anti-static ESD on the reverse side, there are two ways: one is to apply a layer of anti-static ESD coating on the PET film, and the other is to add anti-static ESD agent during the production of PET

■ Choose Silicone as the Adhesive layer and only use the fluoroplastic film or PET original film as the Release liner

■ Anti-static ESD value: 10^6-10^10Ω

Applications ■ Applications for large area paste

■ Help the chemical substances on the surface of the sticker to evaporate