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  • Product Name: PD620-B2

Heat resistant tape is based on PET film backing, and coated with heat resistant acrylic adhesive. Good performance in high temperature environment


Adhesive: Heat resistant Acrylic
Backing: PET film
Adhesive: Heat resistant Acrylic
Release Liner: Release paper or release film

Adhesion Range: 1000 ~ 3000 g/25mm
Total Thickness(Without Release Liner): 

Features ■ Short-term temperature resistance up to 120℃ The tape will not decompose or deform, long-term temperature resistance is 80℃

■ Excellent high temp retention 120℃ x 24hrs: sliding <0.5mm

■ In the environmental aging test, the glue surface does not turn yellow, softens or reduces viscosity

■In the static shear test: 100℃ N/A any sliding, 120℃ sliding is less than 1mm

Usage ■ Suitable for high temp environment, such as radiator

■ Electronic Insulation Usage

  • Color: Black
  • Width(mm): 980
  • Backing Thickness(mm): 0.038
  • Backing Material: Black PET
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Thickness(mm): 0.2±0.02
  • Adhesion(g/25mm): >1000
  • Remarks:

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